Some of the FIES restrictions have been lifted and comrades are finally able to receive letters. However, they will most likely be monitored so we recommend prudence in the content. Comrades have written some texts that will be translated as soon as possible.

Silvia Muñoz Layunta
NIS 2010012388
CP Madrid VII Estremera
Ctra. M-241 km 5,750
28595 Estremera, Madrid, Spain

Jose Carlos Recio Minguez
NIS 2000003209
CP Madrid VI, Aranjuez
Ctra N-400 km 28
28300 Aranjuez. Madrid, Spain

Juan José Garrido Marcos
NIS 2013009086
CP Madrid II, Alcala de Henares
Ctra Alcala-Meco km 5
28805 Alcala de Henares, Spain

Yolanda Fernández Fernández
NIS 2013009039
CP Avila, Brieva
Ctra. de Vicolozano
05194 Brieva (Ávila), Spain

Xabier González Sola
NIS 9226970300
CP Madrid IV (Navalcarnero)
Ctra. N-V, km. 27.728600
Navalcarnero, Madrid, Spain

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On January 8, Galician independentist Hadriám Mosquera was arrested by officers of the Spanish police in a forest close to the town of Ames, where he currently lived. He was immediately transferred to Madrid, where he has entered jail, and has reported tortures and abuse during his detention. The day after, several gatherings were held around Galiza and in the Santiago de Compostela one, riots were reported, with several trash bins being burnt and bank offices attacked. No one was arrested.


According to mass media, the San Andrés police station in the city of Murcia was attacked on the night of December 16 by a group of hoodies who threw molotov cocktails against the building and the police cars parked next to it. One of them was set on fire. No group has yet claimed responsibility.

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Alfon is a 21 year old activist from Vallecas (Madrid) who was arrested on the morning of the 14th of November general strike. Along with him, Daira was also arrested, although she was freed some hours later after court appearance. Alfon was taken to the Soto del Real prison where he has been held since then under the FIES regime, meaning he is constantly under heavy surveillance and intimidating measures. Below is a statement by the group of support.

On 14N, day of the general strike, our comrade Alfon was arrested in the neighborhood of Vallekas. After several days of solitary confinement and interrogation in the dungeons of the Spanish State, he was sent to jail under preventive detention, due to higher orders given by the judiciary and the government delegation, to which we should add the pressure of the mass media.

This whole network has the purpose of intimidating militants and the people in general, since they know that the political, social and economic situation will just further degenerate and wish to end the struggle by using the dictatorship of fear.

We can not fall into the trap of judging our comrade, we do not care whether he is guilty or innocent of the charges against him, he is a political prisoner, whose only crime is fighting against this capitalist system which day after day forces families to the wildest exploitation.

The only condemnable violence is the one employed by the state, banks and its repressive forces who beat and detain people at demonstrations, who guard and protect bailiffs that execute home evictions, imprison and torture revolutioners for life…
In short, by any means possible they will attempt to destrot any inciative of popular resistance.

Against the state and its violence, now and forever, RESISTANCE!

FREEDOM for the political prisoners!

“Alfon” Support Group


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Ester Quintana, who lost an eye after being shot in the 14N demonstrations in Barcelona, has made her first statements on the events, dennouncing how the evidences contradict the government version, which denied the use of rubber bullets or that any attack took place. With English subs.

[youtube width=”560″ height=”315″]ksm7f3ey1bc[/youtube]

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In the night of Monday, November 19th, an incendiary device was placed at the entrance of an office of the traditional National Institute of Employment (INEM)* in the Madrid neighbourhood of Prosperidad. This location was chosen because it is considered a factory of daily humiliation, disillusion and routine. Because of that thick tedium breathed in that or any other unemployment office. It was chosen because they are killing us, and those left alive are offered the scraps.

Apart from claiming our dignity, this action shows physically our discouragement, our lack of hope, our grudge and our hate that can be found in our eyes and in those of all the other people who travel with us in the subway in the morning.

Indeed, the action was carried out by the intern who goes back home every single day with a feeling of humiliation clouding her eyes, by the worker who spends three times more time with her coworkers than with her partner, by the unemployed who prays for not being called for a job in the whole damn life, by the young mother who does not know how the fuck she will feed her kids if they are kicked off the house where they are living…

The next action can be carried out by you any night.
Fuck them and their jobs.
To spread anger with ink, stones and petrol.


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The 14th of November general strike in Barcelona started in the very first hours of the night, with pickets closing bars and spaces still open at night in several city’s neighborhoods, such as Gràcia, where more than 300 people managed to shut down bars, while a supermarket and banks were attacked by hoodies. Earlier, trade unions pickets had blocked the accesses to industrial parks of the metropolitan area, where no activity was reported at all. No one was arrested during the night. As the sun was rising, fire barricades were erected in all city’s points, with police making the first arrest of the day in the Eixample neighborhood. At 8am neighborhood assemblies pickets started shutting down the whole city, with Sants and Gràcia being the areas with more police presence, mainly due to incidents during the M29 strike. Barricades were set up in Gràcia to prevent Mossos from reaching the picket. The turnout in the neighborhoods, both in pickets and strike following, was higher than in all previous strikes. Although no central picket had been called, strikers spontaneously gathered from noon on in Plaça Catalunya, were the biggest picket of the day kicked off. When this reached the boardwalk, an undercover cop attempted to arrest a striker, which caused demonstrators to attack other secret cops, who were rapidly rescued by a riot unit.

At 5pm an anticapitalist demonstration organised by neighborhood assemblies, M15, CNT, CGT, independentist left and autonomous anarchists had been called at Jardinets de Gràcia, just some meters away from where the demonstration by yellow trade unions CCOO and UGT was taking place. The anticapitalist demonstration was constantly surrounded by units of riot cops geared up with gas masks and rubber bullets guns. Along the way, banks and capitalist symbols were attacked with paints and stones although police didn’t charge until the demonstration had finished in Via Laietana, where cops started firing rubber bullets and crowds of hoodies answered with stone and bottle throwing, as well as homemade missiles. Two Spanish police cars and a bank were set on fire. The crowd was suddenly dispersed by a group of 20 riot vans which quickly arrived and clashes moved to the narrow streets on the side of Via Laietana, at the Born neighborhood. There, protesters (some of them filling the air by singing A las barricadas) resisted during an hour the attacks of riot police. The main entrance of the Palace of Catalan Music, symbol of corruption from the currently ruling party in Catalonia, was destroyed. Several cars and trash bins could be seen on fire in the surrounding streets.

[youtube width=”560″ height=”315″][/youtube]

At the time the more confrontational demonstrators had dispersed, cops started clearing the whole centre area, charging against people who were merely walking back home. In one of these attacks, a woman was shot in one of her eyes by a rubber bullet and eventually lost her sight in it. Felip Puig, head of police in Catalonia, has lied by denying that rubber bullets had been used that day, although what actually makes the matter more disgusting is the fact that they were actually shot from a newly acquired type of guns which allows cops to aim, which means that the cops were probably aiming at the protesters’ eyes. Finally, 23 people were arrested and many injured.

The strike was the biggest in the city since 1988, due in part to the aim set on the first of the austerity crisis strikes on September 29th 2010: to turn these general strikes into social strikes, where all kinds of movements and social communities could feel part of it. This time, even more communities joined the strike and once more, alternative trade unions along with social movements managed to break through the lines of the agreed, planned and designed strike by the yellow trade unions and turned the strike into a day of struggle beyond the limits of this institutionalized trade unionism.

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On November 18th at 11am in the morning, Nick VH, responsible for External Relations of the Greek nazi party Golden Dawn, will be giving a speech at the Hotel Madrid Centro. Golden Dawn is a nazi party that is completely allowed by police and state to act, as they form part of the Greek political system and have won enough seats in elections to be represented at the Parliament, with all that this implies (total impunity and legitimacy to act in any way as well as political and financial support to develop their campaigns, speeches and actions).

One of its members intends to come to Madrid to give a lecture on his party, and from the Madrid antifascist movement, we launch an antifascist alert and call people to go to face them and get them. We won’t allow them to carry out this act in Madrid, or at least not in a normal way. Let’s make it clear that they are not welcome here.

On November 18 at 11 am in front of the Hotel Madrid Centro (Mauricio Legendre street, 16).



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