Some of the FIES restrictions have been lifted and comrades are finally able to receive letters. However, they will most likely be monitored so we recommend prudence in the content. Comrades have written some texts that will be translated as soon as possible.

Silvia Muñoz Layunta
NIS 2010012388
CP Madrid VII Estremera
Ctra. M-241 km 5,750
28595 Estremera, Madrid, Spain

Jose Carlos Recio Minguez
NIS 2000003209
CP Madrid VI, Aranjuez
Ctra N-400 km 28
28300 Aranjuez. Madrid, Spain

Juan José Garrido Marcos
NIS 2013009086
CP Madrid II, Alcala de Henares
Ctra Alcala-Meco km 5
28805 Alcala de Henares, Spain

Yolanda Fernández Fernández
NIS 2013009039
CP Avila, Brieva
Ctra. de Vicolozano
05194 Brieva (Ávila), Spain

Xabier González Sola
NIS 9226970300
CP Madrid IV (Navalcarnero)
Ctra. N-V, km. 27.728600
Navalcarnero, Madrid, Spain

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