Alfon is a 21 year old activist from Vallecas (Madrid) who was arrested on the morning of the 14th of November general strike. Along with him, Daira was also arrested, although she was freed some hours later after court appearance. Alfon was taken to the Soto del Real prison where he has been held since then under the FIES regime, meaning he is constantly under heavy surveillance and intimidating measures. Below is a statement by the group of support.

On 14N, day of the general strike, our comrade Alfon was arrested in the neighborhood of Vallekas. After several days of solitary confinement and interrogation in the dungeons of the Spanish State, he was sent to jail under preventive detention, due to higher orders given by the judiciary and the government delegation, to which we should add the pressure of the mass media.

This whole network has the purpose of intimidating militants and the people in general, since they know that the political, social and economic situation will just further degenerate and wish to end the struggle by using the dictatorship of fear.

We can not fall into the trap of judging our comrade, we do not care whether he is guilty or innocent of the charges against him, he is a political prisoner, whose only crime is fighting against this capitalist system which day after day forces families to the wildest exploitation.

The only condemnable violence is the one employed by the state, banks and its repressive forces who beat and detain people at demonstrations, who guard and protect bailiffs that execute home evictions, imprison and torture revolutioners for life…
In short, by any means possible they will attempt to destrot any inciative of popular resistance.

Against the state and its violence, now and forever, RESISTANCE!

FREEDOM for the political prisoners!

“Alfon” Support Group


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