A demonstration has been called in Madrid for October 20 against the repression suffered by social movements since the beginning of the May 15M movement back in 2011 or generally since the capitalist crisis started. Below is the statement calling for the demontrations.

The crisis of the capitalist system has been getting worse over the past four years, laying on our shoulders the heavy burden of their crisis through harsh measures.

In order to deactivate and fight labour mobilizations, identifications, arrests, fines have increased, the struggle is criminalized, police-legal set-ups are invented, repression against workers in the workplace, imprisonment, draft amendments to the penal code, illegalisations, ill-treatment, torture, new techniques of social control as video surveillance, communication interventions, creation of political militancy databases, cops infiltrations, racist raids, evictions, etc.. That is, a series of repressive measures aimed at stopping the workers’ struggle and it preventing it from extending to the whole society.

The end of this crisis is each day more far away, it gets worse every day, and so are is the austerity and the repression. Since this is a time in which the conditions for emancipatory projects materializing are given, the State does its best to spread fear throughout society and to avoid these conditions for the change being created.

Our dutiy as the only affected ones by these measures is the mobilization and the struggle. But this should not be done in isolated groups, but instead unity should be looked for. We believe that creating duplication in meetings, speeches, demonstrations, only makes us lose momentum. Therefore we call all kinds of social, political, trade union or other type of organisation to join against the repression in order to make, among other things, a large demonstration by the downtown streets of Madrid demanding the end of the repression to our class. Since it is an issue that affects us all us, we must be defend ourselves together and we should do it immediately.

Some numbers provided by the Legal Commission of Sol, which collected numbers on repression during the past year and a half: (Ed. note: only in Madrid)

Over 200 arrests recorded: in demonstrations (over 30 in the latest demonstration on September 25th), civil disobedience actions, evictions, strike pickets, occupations, etc… The most common charges are offenses on assault against authority, disobedience and resistance, public disorder, damage and offenses against the worker’s rights.

More than 700 administrative fines, the final amount from May 2011 to May 2012 would be of 217,800 euros. Hundreds of attacks, of which many of them have not been notified. Most cases are still under investigation, so it is necessary to pay attention to calls and show our solidarity with repressed people.

The only decent solution for the working class is unity and struggle.
Against repression, solidarity! If we touch they touch one of us, they touch all of us!

Source: madrizrebelde.blogspot.com.es

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