Dozens of people demonstrated this afternoon in the centre of Madrid in a protest that ended up with people reoccupying and recovering the building from which the squatted and self-managed social center CSOA Casablanca had been evicted a few weeks ago. The demonstration had been called by the assemblies of Bibliosol and Archivo Físico 15M, which had a great amount of files inside the CSOA Casablanca, in order to claim the importantance of popular culture and social movements. The new project had been formed under the name of CSO Magerit.

At around 23:30pm, dozens of police vans arrived in front of the building and dispersed the people who were gathering in front of the building. Cops broke into the building (picture) and identified the 70 people who were inside at the moment. Two people were arrested by cops, according to Diagonal. There is a call for gathering against the eviction on sunday at 1:00pm at Lavapiés  Tirso de Molina square.

Pictures and report: [1], [2]


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