An antifascist gathering had been called today in Bilbao against the presence of a group of fascists from the Falange party who had arrived from Madrid to protest in the centre of the Basque city coinciding with with the Day of the Hispanity. Police prevented antifascists from gathering, who had previously announced a non-confrontional event, and used batons and rubber bullets to disperse the crowd, which was numbering in hundreds. Clashes then started between antifascists and police, and barricades were erected around the town’s centre. At least 14 antifascists have been arrested. One fascist was arrested too by police, which seized several baseball bats and knuckles from the fascists’ buses.

In Barcelona, 200 antifascists gathered in a nearby square from where right wing militants and fascists were holding a demonstration in favour of the unity of the spanish state and against the right of selfdetermination. After the start of the gathering, a person carrying a Spanish flag tried to get in the middle of the antifascists and police charged against them, injuring one of them. The antifascist was taken to the hospital, where he was arrested by cops. Dozens of people gathered outside the hospital. A small antifascist gathering was organised too in the catalan town of Girona.

Two videos from the clashes in Bilbao [1], [2]

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