One more year for the 12th of October*, the extreme right takes the streets around the territory. In the case of Barcelona, apart from the already traditional and allowed fascist gathering in Montjuïc, this year a demonstration has been organised in Catalunya square in defense of the unity of the Spanish state, in which we can find from the parlamentary extreme wing of the PP to fascists organisations such as MCR or PxC among the organisers and supporters.

Although demonstrations this year will obviously be marked by the debate around the selfdetermination of the Catalan people, we cannot forget the true face of these organisations and the role they have always played for the State. Many are the comrades, neighbours, friends who with the economic crisis are being led to precariety, explotation and in many cases, marginalisation. The State wants to use this occasion to try to lead this rage against those same collectives who are suffering the most the cuts, something that allows it to pass with total immunity laws such as the strip of the healthcare card to immigrants. Fascism and racism, and now as well the xenophobic spanish patriotism, have become the three biggest allies of a system that day after day collapses on its own. The fight against fascism is also the fight against the State and capital, and that’s why on the 12th of October we will counterattack once again in the streets.

We send from here all our support to the comrades in Athens who are being persecuted and tortured just for fighting against the fascism of police and Golden Dawn.


Barcelona. Antifascist demonstration
12t of October. 11h am Universitat square

*October 12 is the Hispanity Day which celebrates the Spanish genocide against indigenous peoples in America.


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