We are fed up, fed up of the failure and the alienation of your education system, of dying in hospital queues, of banks always winning, of becoming homeless, of estate agents and city councils taking control of our neighbourhoods, of the torture happening inside your jails, of your state terrorism, of the deportation of our neighbours just for being from outside and poor, of living in order to work and working in order to live, of your mercenaries in uniform, of the acceptation of self-declared fascists inside your democratic system, proving all this is all a covered dictatorship.

That’s why we are TAKING BACK our hospitals and schools, our spaces, our houses, the solidarity, mutual aid, cooperativism, direct action, oru streets.

Let’s take back freedom, let’s take back the dignity

Rage assembly of L’H.

Source: barcelona.indymedia.org

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  1. […] and repression Three people were arrested this morning at 4am in Hospitalet del Llobregat after the demonstration organised the day before in the same town. A solidarity gathering was organised at 9am in front of the Mossos […]

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