Below is a brief statement from the assembly of the Casablanca squat in Madrid, which has been evicted in the early hours of today 19th of September. One person was arrested during the eviction, after 100 comrades had started gathering outside the building once the news of the eviction came out. This operation comes just a few days before the action planned around the Spanish parliament next week, and is suspected to be part of the ongoing repressive operations related to that upcoming demonstration. La Rimaia free university in Barcelona was also evicted back in May just one week before the May 12 demonstrations.

The assembly of the CSOA Casablanca, due to the eviction with no prior warning, in the morning of today 19th of September, announces:

-Its intention of going on with the social project that is carried out by the CSOA in the Lavapiés neighbourhood.

-A gathering against the eviction and in support of the project in the Lavapiés square this afternoon at 20:00h, where a statement by the assembly will be read.


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